An executor is a person who is tasked with managing and distributing the estate of a deceased person in accordance with the law and their last Will and Testament. Whereas, an administrator is a person who is appointed to administer the estate of a deceased person who did not have a Will. To become an administrator, an application to the Court is required, and often this application process leads to tension and conflict between family members.

If you are appointed executor or administrator, the legal duties and obligations you will face will be challenging and time consuming. It is important to retain council of a thorough estate litigation lawyer how much nexium for baby

early on to ensure that no step or legal obligation is overlooked. A Bloom Law estate litigation lawyer will help you understand the circumstances of your particular situation, and will make certain that all of your cheap pills legal responsibilities are met.


One of the first of many tasks an executor or administrator must do is apply for the grant of probate of an estate. Once the grant of probate has been accepted by the Court, the assets of an estate can be distributed, after all tax considerations have been resolved. If you are the executor or administrator of a Will, you must apply for the grant of probate in order to fulfill your legal duty of collecting and distributing the deceased persona��s assets.


In some cases, executors and administrators will face opposition from a family member or other another party during the estate distribution process. Under the Wills Estates and Succession Act (WESA), a person contesting the distribution of an estate must commence a court action within 6 months of the grant of probate. If you receive notice that the distribution of the estate you are administering is being challenged, it is imperative that you retain a lawyer to help manage this opposition.

A Bloom Law estate litigation lawyer will guide you through every step of managing and distributing an estate and will eliminate any unnecessary stress where to purchase ginseng seeds precipitated by a family member or any other party trying to contest the Will and estate you are responsible for. Our lawyers are the perfect balance of thorough and understanding, and will ensure that all of your legal duties and obligations are met while managing and distributing an estate.


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