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Have you been left out of a Will or feel as though you have not been treated fairly after the passing of a loved one? This scenario is more common than you think, and is not an easy one to handle without the help of a skilled and understanding lawyer.

The passing of a loved one is certainly a difficult time for any family. At Bloom Law, we can help you resolve estate disputes in a professional and fair way, allowing you the time to grieve and care for your family.

There is a relatively short limitation period to contest the validity of a Will, or how the assets of the estate should be distributed. This means that if you are eligible to contest a Will, you must commence an action and give notice to the executor or administrator within 6 months from the date the grant of probate was ordered.

You are eligible to contest a Will if you are:

  • The surviving spouse
  • The common-law spouse (in a marriage like relationship for at least two years)
  • A child or an adopted child of the Deceased

If the validity or the distribution of assets according to the Will are being challenged, the Court will examine whether the Will was:

  • In writing
  • Signed by the Deceased (in strict compliance with the law, which requires the signature of the Deceased to be made in the presence of at least 2 witnesses)
  • Signed by the witnesses in the presence of the Deceased
  • The Deceased was at least 19 years old when the Will was signed

Even if the Will adheres to the above requirements, there are other factors which may lead to the Will being found invalid, or the need to reassess how the assets in the Will should be distributed to the beneficiaries, including:

  • The presence of undue influence or duress on the Deceased by individuals such as a caregiver, family member or friend
  • The mental capacity of the Deceased
  • The language of the Willa��s provisions and how the provisions are interpreted

Sifting through these issues is a tedious task, and it requires the objective eye of an estate litigation lawyer to ensure that no detail is overlooked. At Bloom Law, we understand that contesting a Will is difficult and emotional, but is necessary to make sure that you are treated fairly. We are committed to advocating on your behalf during this difficult time to make sure that you receive what you are entitled to as a beneficiary or disinherited party.


If you think that you have been disinherited or that a Will should be contested, reach out to an experienced estate litigation lawyer at Bloom Law. Call us at 604 603 5513 or submit a form here to request your free stromectol online apotheke initial consultation.